A few weeks ago after I bought my first lens beyond the stock 18-55mm lens. I decided to get the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II for around $78. At 1.8, the lens has a super fast aperture! I love it! Very fast in such low light conditions, I am amazed by it. The AF (autofocus) is not too good, very noisy and searches a great deal, and the build is not what you would find in a higher-end lens, however for the money it is an amazing lens! The optics are great, very sharp images are possible, with some pretty great bokeh. You cannot get a lens this fast, for so little money, that I know of, anywhere else.
So here are a couple of exampls, not the best shots or most interesting but a good example of what the lens can do. The photo on the top is at the lab I work at, the mouse is one of the first shots I took after it came out of the box, the bottom is some red squirrel cooking on a fire.

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