Along the Piscataqua River

I spent this past Saturday and Sunday along the seacoast. I explored the rocks near Odiorne State Park with Jacqui. It was a very humid, hazy, and hot day, we spent some time along the water, flipping rocks over and looking at the crabs and other creatures. The usual sea breeze seemed very muted, making the humid air feel much thicker, however it was still fun to prowl around the interesting ecosystem along the shore. That evening we went out on a sunset boat tour/cruise along the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor. It was only the third time I’ve been out on a boat in the ocean (still not quite the open ocean). I didn’t take too many photos while on the boat, but above is a shot of another cruise in the harbor as seen from the ship I was on. The Piscataqua river apparently has the second (to the Columbia River) strongest tidal currents in North America.
I have a huge backlog of photos from my summer thus far working in the Whites. I’ve been experimenting more with macro photography, and a bit of night shooting as well.

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