Nancy & Norcross Pond

Today I hiked up the Nancy Brook Trail and collected water samples from Nancy Pond and Norcoss Pond. The Nancy Brook Research Natural Area consists of one of the largest remaining old-growth forests, of Red Spruce and Balsam Fir, in New England.

Along the trail there is the Nancy Brook Cascades (see right), I did not have a tripod, so I did my best using a boulder. The cascades flow into a small pool, forming an incredible little spot, perfect for a snack on the way up.

From the north end of Norcross there is a wonderful view of the Pemi Wilderness (see above). Looking upon Norcross from the south on the Nancy Brook Trail, it almost looks like the pond stops right at the edge of a cliff (see below) but it is actually the start of the outlet heading into the valley. I paused for a brief peaceful lunch on the ledge looking out into the pemi.

The Nancy Pond, brook, cascades, and the mountain were named for Nancy Burton who died in the area in 1778, it is an interesting and tragic story-

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