Guinea Pond and a Green Snake!

Over the weekend, I spent time with my twin brother. We hiked up to Guinea Pond, near the Sandwich Range Wilderness in the White Mountain National Forest. It was easily one of the nicest days yet this summer. The pond itself lacked any decent shoreline or access to the main portion of the pond. So we inflated the trail raft and waded through the mucky/bog-like area until it was deep enough to use the raft.

On the way back, while passing through a power transmission line clearing, we noticed two green snakes laying among some grass along the edge of the path. If they had not moved, we would never have spotted them. Below is a photo of one climbing a little spruce.

One thought on “Guinea Pond and a Green Snake!”

  1. My kids and I catch a lot of snakes but have yet to come across a green snake. Well done. Though they can be found up here in Ontario I suspect that their camouflage has so far helped keep them off our radar. Here's a link to one of our more recent camping/canoeing/snake catching trips in Algonquin Park, Canada.

    Btw, I love your photos and will definitely add you to my blog roll. Keep posting.


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