Dover Sunset

The other night after work, there was this amazing sunset. I went over to Garrison Hill Tower, a public observation tower on the tallest hill in Dover. On a clear day, it commands quite a panoramic view of the seacoast and southeast NH. The more commercial area of Dover and Somersworth is visible in the photo below, as well as the blinking red lights of a cell tower or two.


Last week Jacqui and I went to Prescott Park in Portsmouth. We arrived later than we had hoped, but there was still just enough light to use fast shutter speeds to freeze the water. I used my fixed 50mm for this shot. Jacqui captured some very nice images (better than this grainy shot), I will see about putting some up.

Monroe and Washington

Last weekend the REU crew and I went up Mt Monroe and Washington. I collected samples at Lakes of the Clouds. It was easily one of the most beautiful days we have had this summer.
To the right is shot of the cairns along the Crawford path.

We went up the Ammonoosuc ravine trail, and took the Crawford path to Washington, and the Jewell trail back down. It was great to be in the alpine area despite all the traffic. The summit of Washington is more like a mall than the top of a mountain, it is rather disconcerting.

To the right is a view of the Great Gulf Wilderness, as seen from the Jewell Trail. Spaulding Lake is the small body of water just visible on the bottom of the valley. I am sampling there tomorrow, and spending the night somewhere down there, and then heading up to Star Lake to collect a sample. My twin brother and a couple of friends are going to come along. It should be a fun two day hike.