Arethusa Falls on Christmas Day

My fiancee and I spent a few days in the White Mountains, on Christmas we hiked up to Arethusa Falls. Christmas day was grey and cloudy, but the day before was a clear blue sky, which made for a beautiful drive through the Kancamangus.
Arethusa is a popular ice-climbing spot in the winter and a popular summer hike year-round. Most estimates put the falls somewhere between 15o’ – 200′ long.

The trail up Arethusa was well packed, so there was no need for snow shoes. We periodically heard the intimidating sound of ice breaking and crashing down from the nearby Frankenstein Cliffs. The falls were frozen solid, with many tracks up to the falls, though no one was climbing, we had the spot to ourselves, it was very calm and peaceful. We did pass a small group of people on the descent. Both of these photos were taken by Jacqui with her 18-250mm Tamron lens.

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