Experimenting with a bulb exposure

The last few days have been rainy and cloudy. Now that I am settled in NY, I am hoping for a clear night soon, so I can experiment with photographing star trails. I briefly fiddled with the BULB exposure function (see photo) earlier this evening.

In order to do a long bulb exposure for making star trails one needs long batterylife, so my battery grip, a tripod, and a way to trigger the shutter without any shake. I have the lowest-cost minimum equipment, but I think it will work spectacularly. I have an Opteka battery grip, the tripod, and I recently purchased a third-party remote for my Canon, the Opteka RC-4 cost about $12. I acquired it over a month ago, but I have not had the chance to use it yet. The forecast for this weekend does not look promising, and I am getting excited to experiment with it. The only wide angle lens I have is the stock lens, but that should do the trick. If all goes well, hopefully in the coming days or weeks I will have some star trail photos to share.

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