Star Trails

I was finally able to get out and experiment with making star trails, this is the best result so far. Next time I need to increase the f/stop even more to decrease noise a bit. I angled the lens toward the north star, orienting it in the top left corner. The shutter was open for about 30 minutes. Some light pollution is visible in the image, especially towards the lower right corner. This was taken in Mont Vernon NH, a small town in a rural area, but apparently still too close to the city lights of Manchester. When I get back to Springfield NH I plan on taking advantage of any clear nights to experiment further with this, the night sky up there is quite nice. I am not sure that this is feasible it is to do star trails in Millbrook, NY, where there is quite a bit of light pollution, but I will try when get a chance. I used a fixed 50mm lens on this shot, set at f/5.0, ISO 100, exposed for 26.3 minutes. I can’t wait to try again.
Please offer any advice or insight on star trails!

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