McDaniels Marsh, Springfield, NH, [from July]

Since I moved to Illinois for grad school, I’ve been too busy to keep up with the blog. Below is a blog post from my last trip home to Springfield, NH. My twin brother, me, his girlfriend and one of my best friends from home went paddling at McDaniels Marsh, in Springfield New Hampshire. The McDaniels Marsh Wildlife Management Area covers roughly 600 acres, located off of route 4A, quite close to Gile State Forest (~6600acres). A beautiful wetland system stretches far back around the bend in the pond, around which there are hundreds (thousands?) of acres of forest.

lily pads

old beaver lodge

pickerel weed

looking northeast

3 thoughts on “McDaniels Marsh, Springfield, NH, [from July]”

  1. Visited on Aug. 15, 2015. Launch area heavily fouled with goose droppings. So much so the stink was very strong. I know it is a stagnant water marsh, but this has to be affecting water quality. Where are the border collies when you need them?

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