Another hike through Sleeping Giant State Park w/Kermit

Kermit and I were back at Sleeping Giant the next day, and we went up the blue square trail, which is considered the most difficult trail in the park. The steep and rocky path reminded me of a typical trail in the white mountains. The views along this hike really surprised me, I did not realize how beautiful Connecticut is, apparently there is a fair amount of open space and conservation land in the state. 

This hike was a good test for Kermit before heading to the White Mountain National Forest.

More exposed rock along the trail. 
The trail follows the ridge line along the right. 

Giving Kermit a rest on the way up, and admiring the view. 

Kermit never experienced a slope like this in Illinois!

There are some nice vistas on the way up. 

Lots of exposed rock on the trail

This plaque is off the tower trail
The blue square trail 

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