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My Photo Blog (photolog)

This photo blog will be an outlet for my photography. My goal is to post photos weekly (daily when I can) as a means to critique and share my photos. I recently got my first DSLR, a Canon 450D, I am still learning each day and experimenting with it.
I’ve seen a few of professional photographers speak/give seminars, what one of them said has really stuck in my mind. This particular photojournalist makes an effort to take a couple hundred photos every day! He keeps each photo and selects his best from each day, even if it wasn’t that great, and he posts it online. It strikes me as a great exercise to do this. In order to become a better photographer you have to take pictures! So that is the goal of this blog, to share some of my photos (good and bad) and to get feedback and hopefully learn a great deal along the way.
Thanks for checking out my blog!