Golden Northern Bumble Bee (Bombus fervidas)

Spring semester is wrapping up so I have been inundated with school work. I took a brief break from writing papers this afternoon and took a few quick shots with my fixed 50mm lens of two bees collecting pollen on the rhododendrons outside my apartment . It was difficult to get any decent shots since the bees were flying around constantly from flower to flower, and it isn’t necessarily the best lens for the job. I look forward to eventually purchasing a EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens.
Bees are extremely important pollinators for agriculture, as well as in nature, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future with colony collapse disorder.
Each day this past week there was a noticeable difference in the leaves coming out, everything is popping up and coming out of dormancy, a very beautiful time of year. I particularly love the feel of young tamarack needles, softer than silk and vibrant green.

Leopard Slug (Limax maximus)

Last night I discovered this huge leopard slug outside the door to my apartment. It was probably four or five inches, with sizable girth, really quite a beast. I’m not sure how it got there or where it was heading, it was not a particularly wet day out. So I am hypothesizing that it may have fallen from the trash bag when I removed it from behind the house to the curb, so I brought it back there, at least it will be away from foot traffic. I did a little research on them, and learned they are hermaphroditic, so when they mate both individuals can then lay eggs! Amazing little gastropod. It was difficult getting a decent photograph in the very low light, I decided to use the super macro function on my old Pro1, and this was the result.

Eastern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)

Jacqui and I were driving to Adams Point this afternoon, when she spotted a painted turtle in the middle of the road. So we pulled over and I carried it across the road to the water, she snapped this photo with my old Canon Powershot Pro1. In the span of about a minute before getting back into the car we also spotted a muskrat with some vegetation in its mouth swimming in the wetland, and a great blue heron.

Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)

I was out in the woods for a couple of hours this morning for a class, I found this beautiful garter snake on the edge of a vernal pool, it swam across to the other side in the blink of an eye. I jumped across and snapped a few shots. Marvelous creature! This photo was taken with the 18-55mm stock lens 1/125, F/7.1 . I have been busy with school and work, the semester is almost over, so I will be posting more photos as I have more time.

Cocheco Falls

This morning Jacqui and I went for a walk in college woods on campus. It was such a beautiful day! We by chance found a geocache lodged into a hollow log on the side of a trail. My and Jacqui’s poor attempts at a barred owl call elicited several responses from two different barred owls. A touch of spring could be felt this weekend. Later in the afternoon I spent a couple of hours wandering around Dover with my camera. This was taken with my Canon 50mm, F/22, 1/5 sec.